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Technical Writing

You have spent a lot of time and effort creating your product. You understand it and know how it works. However, it is often difficult for you to explain it well to your customers who use it. Why?

According to human nature, you do not explain everything because you know the product “inside and out.” We often fail to communicate pieces of information to others because we assume they know the information, too.

That’s where Rockfish Writing can help. With over 30 years of experience at explaining software, hardware, and procedures, Rockfish Writing works with you to bring out all of the information your customers need to know.

We help you see things from a user’s perspective, asking you the questions you might not otherwise think to ask yourself. And with 12 years of website design, we can make you look good, too!

Good explanations make a good product a great product.

Having a good product alone is not good enough—especially if your customers are confused on how to use it or how it works. If you think documentation is unnecessary, think back to the last time you read assembly directions for something that was produced in a foreign country—and it was obvious that English was not their primary language. The example may be a little extreme, the point is the same: if your product isn’t explained well, you will end up with frustrated and dissatisfied customers.

Some people may call themselves technical writers, but that is not a guarantee. They may be neither technical nor a good writer. Isn’t it better to be both?

  • Go for expertisea degree in Computer Science and an understanding of software from the programmer’s, as well as the user’s, point of view.
  • Go for knowledgea writer who has learned from editors, cirriculum developers, and writers, rather than received a certificate from a course.
  • Go for experiencea person who has: managed both people and projects; has proven skill at multi-tasking; and has presented and facilitated classes, meetings, and workshops.