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Technical Writing  — Examples

Writing Samples

  • PDF 1
    — An 8-page sample from a chapter
  • PDF 2
    — A 2-page form (with form fields)
  • PDF 3
    — A 6-page reference sheet on a UI page
  • PDF 4
    — A 10-page primer on HTML

Help Text Demonstrations

  • MadCap Flare — Here is an example of a help system I created for a previous employer. They have changed some elements of the CSS (formatting), but this section gives you a taste of both explanations and graphics.
  • Rough draft — Here is a very rough draft I created one on my own without the use of Flare, RoboHelp, or any other application. It contains unfinished pages and broken links.
    It served as a proof of concept to an employer. Up to that point, they only produced PDFs for their documentation. It was used to explain why an HTML-based help system was useful and necessary to complement their use of PDFs.

Illustration Samples