Numbers & Numerals

Spell Out Numbers

Single-digit numbers (one to nine):

She wrote five reports this year.

If the first word in a sentence is a number:

Twenty people showed up for the meeting.

Use Numerals

Two-digit numbers or higher:

Are you really going to make 32 pizzas?

If associated with a unit of measure:

The kitten stood 5 inches tall.

In front of a symbol or abbreviation:

Use legal-sized (8.5" x 11") paper.

To identify steps, pages, figures, or illustrations:

See page 15 for more information.

When associated with percentages:

The business grew 80% over the next year.

When associated with decimals (even if it’s less than 10):

The oak tree stood 2.5 times taller than the house.

Ranges of Numbers

Use the words “to” and “through” with numbers in text:

pages 25 through 30

Use the “–” (en dash) character with numbers in tables or charts:

pages 25–30

For More Than One Number in a Sentence

If at least one number is 10 or greater, all should be numerals:

pages 5 to 23, including 12 chairs and 3 desks

If two numbers are next to each other in a sentence, spell out one and use a numeral for the other:

He memorized four 8-digit combinations.

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