Dealing with Life

Just thought I would share . . . and I hope you will think about it.

It’s been said, “The situations that happen in your life make you who you are today.”

To me, that is not quite true—it is the choices you make on how you’re going to deal with those situations that make you who you are today.  Whether you will prevail, succumb, learn, or become bitter is totally up to you.

You have a choice.  Choose wisely.

When you are no longer here, how will you be remembered?  Is it necessary to be remembered by throngs of people, or a sign of achievement if you are remembered by generations that follow, simply because you sang a song or were an athlete?  As time goes on, we are presented with more and more examples of bad behavior by a celebrities.  A talent or ability does not automatically make you a shining example.

Or is the meaning of your existence perpetuated by how you treat others?  Maybe history will not remember your name, but generations can pass along the legacy of your selflessness, love, and kindness.

The love between two people in a romantic relationship is a powerful, wonderful thing.  Nevertheless, there is also great power in the love of friends, family members—and even strangers.  Each type of love has its own characteristics and meaningful results.  Whenever we’re around family, friends, lovers, and strangers, we never know how something simple—a simple gesture, a few words, or a smile—may affect them.  Small things have had a lifelong affect on people.  So, how do you treat others?  How do you interact with your fellow human beings?  How does your soul or spirit touch another?

You have a choice.  Choose wisely.  Love deeply.

As for me, I hope to make an impression on people before I leave this Earth . . . and I hope it’s an impression that will make a difference—a good one.

I may not always make the right choice.  I may not always make the best choice.  I am human.  However, I choose to choose wisely.

I choose to learn from my mistakes and the situations in my life.  I choose to pass on kindness and love and respect to my children, my friends, and people I just happen to meet for some brief moment in time.  I choose to be me, rather than something I’m not.  I choose to be myself, be open-minded, and be helpful to others.

Will you?

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