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Walk Gently Upon the Earth   by Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan has a gift—or should I say, gifts. She has used her gifts and abilities to bless many people. It was a pleasure to work with her and an honor to help share her experiences with the world. This is an example of why I love to help others.

Linda already had her book written when she contacted me. I had to spend some time converting her document into something I could work with. I then designed the book template (layout), edited her text, and made some suggestions about various chapters.

I also gave her my creative input for the front and back covers. She already had a digital version of a painting she has, and we created the cover you see to the right.

Without the help of John Catlin, my book Walk Gently Upon the Earth would still be a notebook in the back of my closet. He took a manuscript, basically a document done in two different programs, that I couldn't make compatible and turned it into a well-designed book that I’m very proud of. His expertise in formatting and his knowledge of creating a book and cover was just what I needed to finally get my words to print. I’m so grateful that he showed up to help me with a daunting task.

Linda Hogan

Linda created an account on Lulu.com and I assisted with determining what she needed. After going through several iterations and rounds of edits, I uploaded the final PDF to the site, as well as her covers.