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My Glimpses of Heaven   by Cynthia A. Burke

Cynthia Burke has an amazing story. Her ability has been a blessing to many people. It was a pleasure to work with her and an honor to help share her experiences with the world. This is another example of why I love what I do.

Cynthia had already written most of her material by the time she came to me. I converted her documents, layed out the book, edited her text, and made some suggestions on the order in which sections appeared.

I also gave her my creative input for the front and back covers. She knew which photograph she wanted to use, and together we made it happen.

In 2009, a colleague referred me to John Catlin. She was very pleased with the work John had completed for her.

Having never worked with an editor before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. John was a very pleasant surprise. His knowledge of writing and media far exceeded my expectations. My project turned out to be quite a success, and completed within the timeframe John had projected.

I will work with John again in the future, as my next project is under way. John Catlin is a perfectionist, very knowledgable, and up on today’s latest technology.

Cynthia A. Burke

Cynthia created an account on Lulu.com and I assisted with determining what she needed. After going through several iterations and rounds of edits, I uploaded the final PDF to the site, as well as her covers.