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16 Minutes: When One Breath Ends, Another Begins   by Roland M. Comtois

Roland M. Comtois is an internationally acclaimed channel, best-selling speaker, and author. A compelling and inspirational speaker, Roland has captivated audiences worldwide with his uncanny ability to connect with the spiritual realm, sharing personalized messages that have the power to heal the soul.

Roland already had his book written when he contacted me. I had to spend some time converting his document into something I could work with. I then designed the book template (layout), made just a few small edits, and provided Roland with some font and layout suggestions.

Roland gave me a photo and a vision of what he wanted for a front cover. I did what I could, and we went back-and-forth in a cooperative creative endeavor. The result was front and back covers that we both felt happy about.

It was a moving experience to work on Roland’s second book.

I also worked with the publishing house he chose to meet their printing requirements.