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Simply a Woman of Faith   by Pat Hastings

Pat Hastings has used her gift of faith as an inspiration for others to find their own faith and trust. It was a pleasure to work with her and an honor to help someone who helps so many others. It is a blessing to me to be a part of someone else’s healing ministry.

Pat had already written and published her book written when she asked me to help her publisher her book for the Kindle. I basically converted her document into something that worked well with the e-book reader.

Many people use simple methods to produce a Kindle book, but those methods produce electronic versions that have (sometimes major) formatting problems. If you are a frequent buyer of books for the Kindle, you know what I mean; it can be very distracting.

Pat used a publisher and her own resources for cover design. She created her own Kindle Direct Publishing account on Amazon.com. I assisted her by converting her text into the proper format for a clean look on the Kindle reader. I performed only some light editing. After I showed her how to read the draft on her own Kindle, she approved it and uploaded the final version to Kindle Direct Publishing.